Current Challenges

Approximately 24 Veterans die per day by suicide and another 20 Veterans die per day by self-injury mortality (accidents/undetermined). According to this data, the combined death rate would be approximately 44 Veterans per day who pass from unforeseen incidents and suicide.

If a Veteran dies from a service-connected disability it may or may not be covered and any benefits typically do not cover anywhere near the full cost of burials/funeral costs let alone other financial burdens that come with this loss. Essentially the Veterans’ family is left with bills and various expenses related to this tragedy without any assistance. That is where the Call On Me Foundation Inc. steps in to assist where we can.

There are many nonprofits and companies alike who assist with mental health, education finances and many other aspects of life; however, there are very few charity organizations who provide the family with support after an unfortunate and unexpected loss of their Veteran. The Call On Me Foundation Inc. is stepping in to fill that void and to provide support in such a dark and depressing time.

Introduction to Call On Me Foundation Inc.

As Veterans, we are aware of the risks we take when we volunteer to serve our country. Most of us have personally been affected by the tragic and unexpected loss of a veteran due to PTSD/suicide. After attending the funeral of a fallen brother and speaking to his widowed wife, we learned of the financial hardships these veterans’ families face. This gave us the idea to create this foundation and help these families in their time of need. 

Call On Me Foundation Inc. has been established to provide an imperative resource to Veteran families during a dire time. It is bad enough having to experience a loss, but to also have to be strong for your children and ensure their life is not drastically altered outside of this loss is crucial. This is where Call On Me Foundation Inc. comes in as a resource to provide short-term financial assistance through public donations. This financial assistance will help the Veteran family with any additional funeral costs, bills and other miscellaneous expenses associated with the Veterans death.


The Call On Me Foundation was founded by Veterans who wish to continue their service by helping other Veterans and their families. Our mission is to provide short-term financial support to the families of Veterans who have passed away unexpectedly and to honor those who chose to answer the call.




The Call On Me Foundation Inc. has a goal to help Veteran families. The Foundation wishes to accomplish this through networking with both the family and friends of the Veteran as well as those they served with in the United States Military. Unit reunions, golf tournaments, fishing charters, and other large gatherings are just some of the programs and events the Foundation will coordinate to facilitate donations. 


The Call On Me Foundation Inc. will provide financial assistance to a designated Veteran family through public donations, merchandise sales and a recurring donation program. Money donated to the cause family will be given to the designated recipient.

The process of selecting which families get funds from the Foundation is completely in the hands of the board members. The Foundation will be looking for a family that lost their Veteran to a tragedy within the 24 month period. At the end of a vetting process a unanimous vote from the Foundation board members will decide which veteran family it will provide funds to. The Foundation will consider numerous items that include an applicant’s level of need when determining which family to raise funds for. The amount of funds donated to each family can vary depending on the level of public participation during fundraising events. The Foundation will set a donation goal and do everything it can to reach that goal for each family. 


The Call On Me Foundation Inc. will purchase merchandise to include, but not limited to, shirts, hats, patches, stickers, challenge coins and beverage koozies. These items will be sold at events and eventually from our online store within the website when we get it up and running. The proceeds from these sales will be used to further Foundation activities as well as to add to the donation to each family we help.

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